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Hot & Cold Rolled Steel

Hot Rolled Steel can be found in a wider variety of shapes as compared to Cold Rolled Steel shape varieties. Due to its 1,000 degree temperature process, hot rolled steel has looser tolerances and is not as strong as cold rolled steel. Cold Rolled Steel is known to be harder, stronger, and have a tighter tolerance than hot rolled steel. The shapes available in cold rolled are limited due to the nature of its room temperature process. Often our customers request fabrication of these materials such as; holes drilled, saw cut to exact size required, slots milled, or other machined features. KWG is one of the few metal suppliers that can offer both materials you need and the fabrication to make your job easier.

Hot Steel
Hot Rolled Bars
Hot Rolled Flats
Hot Rolled Rounds
Hot Rolled Squares
Hot Rolled Angles
Hot Rolled Beams
Hot Rolled Channel
Hot Rolled Diamond Plate
Hot Rolled Pipe
Hot Rolled Plate
Hot Rolled Structural Shape
Hot Rolled Tubing
Grade UNS
A36 K02600
A500 K03000
A992 S31673
Cold Steel
Cold Rolled Flats
Cold Rolled Rounds: up to 12” diameter
Cold Rolled Squares: up to 6”
Cold Rolled Hexes: up to 4”
Precision Ground Shafting
Grade UNS
1018 G10180
1045 G10450
1117 G11170
1141 G11410
1144 G11440
1215 G12150
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