-M. Marcaida, Industrial Distribution Group, Merck & Co.-
-Augie Schulz, President of AAA Products International-
Dallas, TX
-R. Ingersoll. Emerson, Florham Park-

Alloy Steel

Alloy Steels are desirable to a variety of manufacturers for their unique properties. Aircraft and automotive industries commonly choose this material. Alloy Steels offer high tensile strength, malleability, and ductility.

Rods & Bars Sheets & Plates Tubes & Pipes
From .125” to 20” Diameter From .020” to 6” Thick From .125” to 12” Diameter
Grade UNS
4130 G41300
4140 G41400
4142 G41420
4340 G43400
8620 G86200

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